China Gunpowder Temple of Heaven Green Leaf Tea


China Gunpowder Temple of Heaven Green Leaf Tea

This green tea gets its name from its unique appearance, which is similar to the gunpowder from 18th century British cannons. This gunpowder tea is picked and rolled into tiny, shiny pellets.

When you add hot water the China Gunpowder Temple of Heaven tea balls unfold and produce a flavoured brew with a unique fragrance and a delightful, lingering aftertaste.

The flavour, often described as thick and strong, with a smokey flavour and an aftertaste that is slightly coppery. This type of tea can have a flavour that is somewhat grassy, minty, or peppery.  When brewed, gunpowder tea is a yellow colour.

We sell this product as loose leaf and in sealed pouches to maintain flavour and freshness.

Brewing advice;

  • Use 1 teaspoon for every 150ml of water
  • For the first and second brewing, steep the tea leaves for around one minute.
  • Water temperature 70 - 80 degrees C
  • Warm the tea cup and pot before brewing the tea.
  • Store in a cool dry place away from the light